Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back in the U.S.A.

It's been a very busy two weeks since arriving back in the U.S. but we have been having a blast. The first week, we spent time in Omaha with Grandma Jean. We've enjoyed getting to know our neighborhood and new hometown (me for the first time, and Tom for the first time again since 1997).

Zeke was very quick to locate the broom at Grandma Jean's house, and has enjoyed playing in the yard, sitting on the patio, and of course sweeping the driveway any chance he's had.

We then rented a car and traveled to NW Arkansas to spend a week with the Nelsons. It's been so neat to see my parents' new home, and of course Zeke was welcomed with a few special treats as well! Papa put together a brand new Cozy Coupe for Zeke to scoot around in. Zeke says "car" all the time now.

After a quick one night visit to the house, we all headed 2 hours north for the weekend to Big Cedar Lodge just outside of Branson, MO. This beautiful resort is located in the Ozarks on a big lake and is just beautiful. Uncle Chris taught Zeke about Lincoln Logs. We all enjoyed swimming in the pools, floating on the lazy river, and eating some delicious food.

Now we're back in Rogers, AR for a week of R and R. Tom and I had a date night last night- Mexican food and the box office hit "Date Night" We had a great time, and appreciated the babysitting services from my parents.

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Chris and Kimmy said...

Wow! As cliche as it may sound, you've closed that chapter...err epic in your life. I imagine that your lives will be drastically different now that your in the States. I know that when we were in La Ceiba, just our day to day existence required a new set of governing rules. So for you, with a baby and jobs, this switch back to the First World has got to be throwing you for loop; drinking water out of a tap instead of a bag, no more spicy mangoes, everything costing WAY more.

You're going to have to change the name of your blog!

I have two questions for you: Who has Ruby now? And are you able to solicit/sense any reaction out of Zeke in regards to his new home/climate/culture (though I guess he's visited that states before right?)?