Thursday, June 3, 2010

Goodbye Honduras

Our bags are packed, we've said our goodbyes, and it's time to go. Tomorrow morning we leave this country and begin our new chapter in life. While we are truly sad to leave so many special people (and one very special dog) back here in Honduras, we are looking forward to the next great adventure.

Tomorrow we'll be traveling all day and landing in Omaha, Nebraska- our new hometown in the evening.

So, next time we blog, it will be Karine and Tom in Nebraska!

Adios Honduras!


Chris said...

I am so happy to have a sister bro inlaw and nephew that have had such an amazing story and experince. I look forward to seeing u all next week! I am sure ruby will have a great life with her new family and can continue being a working dog. Maybe we will have to go on a trip next year to visit ruby. Also I am so happy u r able to share the gift with belkis and stephanie'

Laurie said...

Adios, Karine, Tom, and Zeke. It's been fun commenting on Tom's wacky posts. Hope to hear of your success in the writing industry, as well as tales of the twins.

Candace said...

Hey Karine and Tom, I have secertly been following your blog pretty much since you have been done there just never posted. :) I have loved watching your family grow down there and I beleive you were blessed to have such a great experience in Honduras. What a story to share with all your children some day. Oh and congrats on the twins. Safe travels!
Candy (Kristin Lindstams lil sis)

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Yea to memories and new beginnings. Also so exciting that the goal was met for Stephanie's school next year. Good luck with your travelling and new adventures.

DON GODO said...

Good luck!!