Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glassware @ the Foundary

Tom has got a thing for glassware. Maybe you could call it a problem. When we registered for wedding gifts he spent an unusual, perhaps troubling, amount of time handling the glasses, fondling the tumblers. Now he works for a company that sells glassware, among other things, and he's pretty excited about it. One part of his company specializes in members-0nly short-term sales events.

Click the banner below and sign up to see some glassware Tom is really excited about. You'll receive regular emails from the Foundary with more great deals on glassware and all sorts of awesome things for the home. Thanks for your support. These are the people who pay for the diapers.

...still no news on the twins. Everything is good, but we're still waiting.


Bonnie said...

"Fondling the tumblers" could be a good band name.

Karine and Tom said...

We've had it copyrighted. We'll sell it to you for nine dollars.