Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grandma's Got a Brand New Hip!

Today, Grandma Jean got a brand new hip! Originally scheduled for a hip replacement surgery tomorrow, we all had arrangements made, dinner at home tonight planned, and a bag would be packed in the morning. Then, we received a call from the hospital this morning at 10:30 asking if there was any way she could be at the hospital for surgery by noon. Aghh!!! Luckily, everything came together perfectly, and Tom drove Jean out the driveway at 11:40, arriving just in time for a nice hip replacement surgery this afternoon.

Her doctor is considered to be the best in the area, and he said the surgery was a success. We were happy to be able to visit with Jean after her surgery this evening and she is doing very well so far. She'll spend a few days in the hospital, and then move to a rehab facility for some physical therapy and TLC.

For now, all is good and we can all be thankful to have missed our sleepless night of anticipation. By the time she should have been in surgery tomorrow, she'll be up and walking around instead. Pretty soon, we expect her to be practicing for a Dancing With the Stars audition!

In the meantime, your thoughts and prayers for an easy and speedy recovery are appreciated!


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Glad to hear everything went well. I hope this leads to some more mobility for her.

Anonymous said...

Wish her well for me! Now get busy and have those babies TODAY!!! Joani

Peter Lee said...

Wishing your grandma a speedy recovery.

I learned that the patients are not allowed to cross their legs within one and half month of hip replacement surgery as this can lead to hip dislocation. Whether you are sitting on a chair or standing or reclining on a bed, never cross your legs at least during the vital six weeks after total hip replacement.