Monday, August 18, 2008

No Hay Luz!

No Hay Luz. (Or for you non-Spanish speakers "There is no light") Or air conditioning, or electricity to keep our fridge from spoiling all our food. (Gross smells for the preggo girl!)

It seemed like an adventure when we came home from school on Friday to learn that our power had been cut. The nice people at the electric company came by with some big cutters and snipped our power. Turns out that we were a little late in paying our July power bill. They take that stuff pretty seriously here!

Friday night was an adventure with candles and headlamps. Saturday was pretty hot (110 degree heat index) and loud (neighbors partying till 5 am with horrible taste in loud music) and Sunday was getting just plain tough! Today, the novelty has completely worn off.

We paid the bill over the weekend, and Tom went to the electric company this morning to show them our receipt and ask them to please come re-connect our cable. They promised to come this afternoon, but it's starting to get dark again!

We've had several offers from friends to come stay in their air-conditioned homes. After toughing it out for the past 3 nights, we feel like it can't really get any more uncomfortable to sleep. I guess we're both midwesterners through and through. We'd rather stay it out and be proud of surviving. So we're crossing our fingers that the men who drove by a little while ago will come back and re-connect us.

On a more positive note- Baby Lew appears to be growing! My belly is getting a little bigger every day. Every day, I look in the mirror and feel kind of surprised like "Hey look! I'm pregnant!" I keep expressing my delight and surprise to Tom, but I think he's less and less surprised than I am. (Although he's still delighted) I'm also starting to become a bit on the klutzy side - walking into the edges of doorframes, stumbling over lines on the ground, and dropping stuff. But nobody judges me! (One of the biggest perks of being with child)

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Sharon said...

Wow! You are resilient survivors.