Monday, August 4, 2008

Worst. Airline. Ever.

We're still in Chicago. Our flight from Chicago to Ft. Lauderdale was canceled. The delightfully helpful ticketing agent pictured here told us we could rebook our tickets free of charge on the next available flight. On Friday. We said no thanks. We are done with you Spirit Airlines. We booked a flight on Delta. God has blessed us with one more day in Chicago and we're not going to waste it. We're going to the Polish Museum of America tomorrow.

Pointing Woman: Can I please get on the plane? I have a ticket.
Ticketing Agent: Bite me.
Pointing Woman: Please. I am a human being.
Ticketing Agent: A what?
Pointing Woman: Can I use my ticket for anything besides a flight on Friday?
Ticketing Agent: Eat it.....Next!

We found this review of the Spirit Air experience posted online:

"The Bottom Line: Under no conceivable circumstances would I ever fly on this airline again. I was treated with incompetence and contempt for the duration of my delay-riddled 24 hour spirit experience."
Follow the link for the whole sad story.


Anonymous said...

Kare 11 just had a teaser about the crazy weather in Chicago so I ran to your blog to check! YIKES! I hope you guys can get out soon.

Wynona said...

People should read this.