Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Hobbies...

Or should I say, obsessions. For the past week, we have busied ourselves with our favorite subjects. For me, everything is about the baby- I can't stop thinking or talking about it! I think that most of my conversations with Tom this week have been about either being pregnant or having our baby. My obsession is due partly because we went in for an ultrasound on Thursday.

First of all, I was extremely impressed with the radiologist who did this service for us. I'm not sure what the average time to spend with a patient is, but he spent a good 25 minutes just moving that magical sound wand around my belly, showing us lots of great pictures of our little one. He took time to get to know us, and answer all our questions- and this is just the ultrasound doctor! My OB is a great German doctor who's delivered over 5000 babies in La Ceiba. We're in good hands. Though it's still to early to tell if it's a boy or girl, we do know that this baby is gonna be smart! Just look at the brain development...

The doctor said that everything looks great. The baby's major body parts are coming along nicely, and my body appears to be doing all the things to make a comfy home for the next few months. I am officially 17 weeks pregnant, and I have an estimated due date of Feb. 7.

Right now, he/she is the size of a loaded baked potato and the doc gave a weight of 6 ounces. The baby wanted to show us what he/she thought of us as parents, and is giving us a thumbs up in this picture. (See the thumb right below the word "good")

This was the best "whole baby" picture we got. We're working on getting him/her to smile for the camera.

Tom is nesting in his own special way. He has been spending every hour at home digging random (or at least they seem random to me) holes in the yard, clipping plant parts from other places and re-potting them, stringing vines up our walls, and buying bag after bag of dirt and spreading it around the yard and then sprinkling with grass seeds.

He's determined to make a tropical paradise in our back and front yards before our little one arrives. (There I go making it about the baby again! It could just be that he's into gardening lately.)

Keep checking back for many more updates on the baby and the yard!


Sharon and Gary said...

Wow!! It's a miracle to see how your baby is growing. You'll be such loving parents. Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Gary.

La Gringa said...

Congratulations to both of you. So exciting!

On another note, I don't see any way to get in touch with you. Could you possibly email me at the address on my blog? I think you can just click my name here and then click "email."


Honduras Sprout said...

Looking good! I'm sure an ultrasound in Honduras is a lot cheaper than in the states. I am heading to Honduras in a few weeks and I think we should try to have another ultrasound just for fun!

I'm surprised they couldn't make a guess on the sex. But I suppose they don't want to say one way or the other since it is still just a little early.

Pregnancy is such a short special time and hopefully enjoyed to the fullest and it sounds like you are doing just that.

p.s. "Mommy brain" also includes thinking all things baby, I think. It's a warm-up brain exercise for when the baby comes and you forget to bathe, brush you teeth or eat because you are so consumed with all things baby.