Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's Cookin'

I'm not sure if it's a nesting thing, or that I was just hungry when I woke up, but I've spent the past 6 hours in the kitchen working on some tasty creations! I really debated whether to put the whole recipe on the blog, or just the link. I settled on the links, but I really think you should check the recipes out!

When I woke up this morning, I really wanted some cinnamon rolls. Since the closest Cinnabon is in a mall somewhere in Miami, I did my best to make some of the tasty rolls myself. I used this recipe for some Ultimate Cinnamon Rolls.

It turns out that they actually take closer to 4 and a half hours to make (with the rising and stuff), so they were more of a lunch dessert than a breakfast. They were well worth the wait though... Tom's comment- "Wow, Karine."

Since the weather has been extra hot lately, I decided to do a bit of a mediterranian lunch with some homemade hummus (yesterday's creation), fresh tomatoes, pita bread (Yay! This is a new item in our grocery store.), and some tzaziki, a cucumber/yogurt sauce.

I made this tzaziki recipe today using my mini-food processer. I've begun writing a post several times, meaning to urge everyone to buy themselves a mini food processor. I personally own a red Kitchen Aid Chef's Chopper Mini model. They retail for around $45 and I love it. I probably use it 3-4 times per week. Instead of grating 2 cucumbers and ruining my knuckles, I simply peeled, de-seeded, and threw them in the food processor. Same with the garlic cloves- so easy!

The other 4 hour project I've been working on today is this awesome ginger soft drink. Last night, we had an amazing Indian dinner with our friends, Sophia and Patrick. Sophia is an excellent cook, and she introduced me to the yummiest, most refreshing drink I've had in ages!

This recipe makes 3 quarts of an extremely refreshing beverage concentrate. It is made by boiling ginger root and cinnamon sticks in water, and then adding a few more types of juice. This is perfect for our hot, hot days, but I'm also excited to make it as a spicy holiday beverage.

The ginger flavor makes it almost sparkle, even without adding sparkling water or soda. I love the hint of cinnamon and lime too. Served over a tall glass of ice, I know this will be my favorite new drink!

FYI- I also saved my knuckles and some major time on this recipe by using the mini food processor instead of grating the ginger root with my cheese grater.

In other fun weekend news... While I've been working in the kitchen, Tom has spent the day working on the backyard. Here's a picture of Tom just before watering the lawn (his favorite Sunday activity). The little purple flowers you can see in the background are a part of a vine-type plant. Tom spent part of today transplanting some of those fines to cover some walls and support beams in back of our house.

Ruby has had some excitement the past few days as well! On Friday, Ruby was spayed. The neighborhood stray dogs were becoming a bit more interested, and we're just not going to take any chances. We're also dog-sitting for Ruby's best friend, Fisher this weekend. Yesterday was a resting day, but today, both Ruby and Fisher are having a blast together. (Playing gently, of course)

Some advice is needed. Tom and I are entertaining the idea of getting a second dog. Ruby is so much happier and less needy when Fisher is around. We sadly realize that by the time our baby comes, Ruby will not be the center of attention in our family anymore. Right now, Ruby is home alone for about 8 hours per day, and we know she gets bored. We're curious on others' thoughts and experiences with two dogs versus one. Is it a good idea? Tell us what you think in the comment section!


Sarah said...

I love having two dogs but make sure you bring Ruby with you when you find a potential match to see if they like each other. One thing we didn't do with Bella was take her to obedience school (which we did with Hamlet). I wish we had as we are much more lax with her and having the social time with other dogs would have been good.

The two do keep each other entertained during the day and Hamlet really calmed down after we got Bella.

Sophie the Brittany said...

I love having my crack baby sister Rayna. She entertains me with stupidness and will play with me. After living alone with Gary and Sharon, then with Chris all by myself. I was glad when I went with to Alexandria to help pick up Rayna and play with her before I decided to adopt her as my dog. since I am Chris' dog.

At times I know Chris says we are a pain because we take twice as much energy to go for a walk, go anywhere, twice as much food, and twice the space. But it is fun to take the leach splitter and go on each side of people and trip them.

I would be happy to have two cousins but if Ruby is my only cousin, that is cool too. I just can't wait to meet Ruby.

Jody & Chris said...

We love all of our furkids to pieces (each of two kitties, and two dogs) but having two dogs feels like having 3 dogs!! It's also a lot more expensive, esp. when it is food, vet, meds, etc. for two large dogs. I'm not sure that this would be any easier if I had a human baby in addition to these guys to keep up with.

Rayna the Brittany said...

So I am not to sure where my sister can call me a crack baby, she is the "attention starved dog" After being a stray I love having a sister but it is also stressful since I am not the center of attention. I get jealous often and there is only so much time in a day and only so many hands each person has to give us attention. We tend to cost a lot such as in ruining carpet, doors, towels,and toilet tank covers. Sophie and I also can rack up expenses at the vet, grooming, and when Chris gets a dog sitter or we go to the kennel.

But it is all good. With the two of us it makes playing much more fun especially when Sophie and I can trap animals in the wood pile.

If you want to remember what it was like to have two dogs just think of the time you dog sat Sophie and I in your apartment. We had such a blast on our walks, playing on the hardwood floor, and really making your downstairs neighbors wonder what was going on.

PS- the most fun that Sophie and I have is when Chris gets enough energy to give both of us a bath and cut our toe nails. we can stress him out big time!

Kristin and Peter said...

i don't know what to tell you about the two dog thing since i have only one dog, but i have to tell you, i really enjoyed hearing from sophie and rayna!

Honduras Sprout said...

Wha! There is a Cinnabon right in SPS in the mall and their rolls are just as sinfully delicious. I'm sure one will make it to Ceiba before long.

I LOVE Med food and I just finished off a container of Holy Land Garlicy Hummus. Yummm! Oh! And pita's are really easy to make too! I make them on the skillet rather than in the oven. Sure, they don't split in half, but I don't care. I love to make pita chips.

I TOTALLY agree on the food processor too. Am I being agreeable or what? lol.

I just gotta say too, Karine- you are so adorable with your bump! I am so happy for you guys!

La Gringa said...

Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! Thanks so much to the link for the ginger drink. I have been trying to think of something to do to use up some of my excess ginger and this sounds perfect.

BTW, Tom, you can easily plant some of your own ginger (from the grocery store). I wrote about it on my blogicito.