Tuesday, June 2, 2009

4 Months!

Our little boy is already 4 months old! His personality is really starting to show, and we feel like he becomes more of a little person each day. We're crazy about Ezekiel!

Accomplishments: Zeke can now hold his head up while sitting- he's pretty steady. He prefers lying on his back to his stomach. Zeke can roll over from back to front, however since he pretty much hates being on his stomach, he rarely does this. Another accomplishment was surviving his very first 7.3 earthquake by sleeping through it and then talking on the news about it. He was very cute. It's not quite an accomplishment, but Ezekiel has now acquired a birth certificate and a US passport- no small feat!

Favorite activities: Zeke loves holding onto things and putting them in his mouth, reading books, bathtime, and swimming. Any opportunity he has to hang out without clothes on makes him smile. We're borrowing an exersaucer from some friends, and he just started using it this past weekend. He loves it! Besides eating, perhaps Zeke's favorite activity is still watching his dad play the guitar and sing for him.

Favorite friends: This past month, Zeke has spent plenty of time with Mom and Dad- his best friends. He's also enjoyed daytimes with his babysitter, Jessa. Zeke loves looking at Ruby, his dog and he has recently realized that Ruby is another member of our family. Tonight, he reached out and touched her mouth, and Ruby just patiently sat there- so happy to be included. During Carnival in La Ceiba, Zeke had the opportunity to hang out with many of our friends, as well as many strangers that wanted to touch and hold our cute baby. He's a really social guy.

Zeke and his babysitter, Jessa
Future plans: Last night, Zeke tried his first bites of rice cereal. It may be a little longer until he figures out how to keep most of the food in his mouth, but he was very excited to try. He's been eyeing our food at mealtimes and grabbing towards plates. In the upcoming months, we hope Zeke will master eating. (Or at least getting food to stay in his mouth)
I had claimed that Zeke was a fantastic sleeper in previous months. He still goes to bed very easily at night, however as he's growing, he's starting to wake up more at night again. In the near future, I hope Ezekiel begins sleeping through most of the night again.

Other future plans include a visit later this month to the U.S. to meet many cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. He can't wait!


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

I can't believe he's so big already! I think all babies hate being on their stomach.

Chris said...

YAY!!! Just a few weeks til I get to meet my nephew!

Kristin and Peter said...

I can't wait to meet him! Happy 4 months little Zeke!

Anonymous said...

Emilio wants to hang out with Zeke when you guys are here. I heard that babies go through sleep disruptions when they are going through big developmental changes (especially if they had been sleeping well previously). I am sure that he will go back to being a 'better' sleeper again soon!


Chrissy and Tom Ziegler said...

We can't wait to see all three of you!

cynthia at the lake said...

hello karine and tom and baby zeke!! i am astounded at how big your little guy is and how expressive his face. i am finally learning to communicate in the 21st century.