Monday, June 15, 2009

Where in the Wide Wide World of Sports?

We are in Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S.A. Karine is enjoying some afternoon sun poolside and I just cleared a tremendous dump out from Ezekiel's pants. More info to come, including photos (not of the poo).

My apologies to the eight-hundred people who checked our blog in the last two weeks only to find a slightly hysterical love letter to the Mirado Black Warrior pencil.


Casey and Tom said...

Have fun in Arkansas!!! I bet the N's are loving this special time with Ezekiel! I'm probably a large percentage of the 800. Naptime and a class w/many online assignments have made me a mega-blog stalker.

Call one of us if you have a chance- we have some possible fun ideas- of course only if you're interested once you're in Minneapolis (golf, BBQ, etc.) We can't wait to meet Zeke!!! And of course see you guys..

Karine and Tom said...

Thanks Casey!

We are super interested. Call you tomorrow.

Sarah said...

It's been crazy weather in AR lately. My dad said there have been a couple of tornadoes. Have a good time and don't go to what I call the 'Shrine of Our Lord, Sam' AKA the Wal-Mart museum. The place freaked me out.