Friday, June 26, 2009


We had a lovely surprise visit to Denver to visit Karen and Mark! They've been living out there for a couple of years now and we've finally had the chance to visit them. June 23 was Tom and Karen's joint birthday- 2 siblings, born 3 years apart on the exact same day!

I tried to bake a carrot cake for Karen and a mini chocolate cake for Tom. While it still tasted delicious, I forgot about the high altitude factor when baking the carrot cake. That's why it looks a bit like a bundt cake.

On their birthday, we took a trip out to Pike's Peak to ride the cog train to the summit.

Wow! This train trip led us up through the alpine tundra to the snow capped Rocky Mountains!

We had a wonderful visit and loved hanging out with Karen and Mark.

We were even lucky enough to meet up with Tom's cousin Brian and his family for dinner. Zeke loved meeting his relatives

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