Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mirado Black Warrior Pencil

Permit me please to say a few words about the Mirado Black Warrior Pencil. It is a fine pencil. It is a pencil that I am 100 % proud to endorse. I’m not even a pencil person. Or I thought I wasn’t. I’ve always seen myself as more of a classic Bic round-shaft sort of guy. Everything changes. Maybe I’m just getting old. Maybe the transition from pen preference to pencil preference is like the transition from boxers to whitie-tighties. Maybe we long in our old age for the things that we had in our youth, except we want them plain instead of covered in pictures of Batman.

In any case this pencil bites and glides like a psychotic but strangely graceful Rottweiler on ice-skates. This Mirado Black Warrior has got me feeling feelings I haven’t felt in a long time. For a writing implement.

And the name. Mirado. What does that word feel like? Shouldn’t it be the name of a sleek, high-performance luxury coup? If I were a spy I would wind my Jaguar Mirado up foggy mountain switchbacks to the rendezvous location, a chateau. I would drive fast, wisp-trailed, through silent misted hairpins. Upon arrival would I exit the black Mirado with Karine and Ezekiel. Then something awesome and surprising would happen.

How is a pencil a warrior? Let me take a stab at it. Maybe when you use it to like obliterate the emptiness that is plain white paper free of words and doodles and stuff.

Mirado Black Warrior. This pencil is no joke.

More in-depth info (not kidding) at Pencil Grinders Weblog, and Pencil Revolution.


Anonymous said...

I will not use a mirado pencil, but will use the bic pens to pay for your Pedi Diving Society membership. You each got a second notice. The cost is $ 29.00 a piece. Let me know if I should do this. Mom L

Karine and Tom said...

Please reconsider the Mirado, mom. Its a fine piece of equipment. You may disregard the Padi Diving Society.

Love You!


Anonymous said...

Pencil lovers tend to be liberals, they need something erasable when barnstorming ideas. I on the other hand am hoarding a box of Pilot G-2 07 ink gel pens. When people are traveling to Honduras and ask if they can bring me something I can't find in Honduras the first thing I do is check my stash of G-2's. Thoughts just glide on paper with a G-2 in your hand. Black ink only please, no red, blue or other foo-foo colors will do. Lord help my girls if I find one of my pens in their bookbags.

Ron S.
La Ceiba

Karla said...

The "creatives" here at Blend also prefer the use of a good pencil. Currently, we are using the black Dixon Ticonderoga. I'm not going to argue whether or not it is better than your Mirado, as I am just being reintroduced to the pencil myself.

We spend the rest of the day with our left hand on the "undo" command (or at least I do)... pencil erasers offer the same forgiveness.

Karine and Tom said...

Karla, the Ticonderoga is also a fine piece of hardware. Although, its a little hexagonal for my taste. Something slick and professional about the blackness though, makes you feel like you aren't in school anymore.