Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby Name Rejects for Twins: Mary and Percy Bysshe

Mary and Percy Byshhe Lewandowski.

These names are out. Mary and Percy Byshhe Shelley were some romantic freaks. Mary, of course, wrote Frankenstein. Percy Byshhe wrote beautiful poetry, including Ozymandias, one of my favorites. They traipsed all over Europe; Percy fathered some random kids, some of whom they abandoned, others others whom they didn't. Percy enraged almost everybody he met because he was a know-it-all and an atheist and a snob. He drowned shortly before his thirtieth birthday and was cremated on the beach. One of his buddies snatched his heart from his burning corpse and gave it to his wife.

Most of that is pretty cool, but were still not going to name our twins after them. Mary is okay. But Percy, out of the question. These children are going to be raised in Nebraska.

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