Thursday, May 20, 2010

El Sauce Carnavalito 2010: Beer Prices and Availability

I rode my bike a couple of streets over this afternoon to check out preparations for this year's El Sauce Carnavalito. They are underway.

The first thing you do not need to worry about is finding a place to buy beer. All four national beers are available at reasonable prices pretty much everywhere. In fact, as you walk down the street you will pretty much always find yourself directly in front of a beer stand.

The beer stands are yellow, very easy to spot. The prices are clearly marked. The beers are extremely cold. The most affordable beer will set you back about 80 cents.

How many beer stands are there? I decided that the best way to communicate their density was with a movie. Here I am on my bike making my way down the street. Remember, the little yellow buildings are beer stations.

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