Thursday, May 6, 2010

28 Days: Moving Possessions from Honduras to USA

On May 31st, a Dole banana truck is going to pull up in front of the house. Into that truck some guys will load whatever possessions we wish to take back home. The truck takes our cargo to one of the busiest fruit ports in the world. The Lewandowski family banana container will then be nested snugly with all the other banana containers on the banana boat. The boat, company people call it a vessel, will then navigate the probably oil-slicked waters between Puerto Cortez, Honduras and Gulf Port, Louisiana, USA.

That task that lies before us, like a steaming pile of, we'll say, nachos, is determining what goes on the vessel. There will be disagreements. Karine threw a shoe at my face with intent to injure one time as we were deciding what to take home for the summer.

Wish us luck.

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