Monday, August 9, 2010

Economic Recovery: Personal Greenshoots

I found myself trapped inside a micro-economic koan these past few weeks. I really wanted to buy a new tie. But Karine said I had to wait for a job interview to buy the tie. I couldn't get a job interview because we are in a slow growth cycle and consumer spending is low. But I am a consumer and what I really want to consume is a new tie. But because no one is buying ties (not even me) the economy is stagnant and no one is hiring. I want to participate in our economy. I want to be the change in economic growth that is going to ultimately result in some business hiring me to expand their workforce. So I figure maybe if I buy the tie first it will be the fluttering tremor of hope that leads ultimately to an earthquake of economic recovery. But Karine says no. We are practical people and we don't buy ties in an effort to move markets and create jobs.

So I just had to wait. Until now. Tie shopping today. Real tie shopping. Not pretend tie shopping like last week. Because I have a job interview.


WillBinMN said...

Good luck with the interview. Please post a pic of the tie.

Karine and Tom said...

Hey Will!

I will be posting a complete piece by piece overanalysis of the job interview outfit in the near future.

Thanks for the luck. It really was a fun interview. Finding a job is fun. You get to talk to people about what they love to do and answer sometimes tricky questions. It's neat!