Monday, August 23, 2010

JOBQUEST 2010: jobdance number one

I had my first close encounter with a company interested in hiring me over the past couple of weeks. In the end, they went in a different direction. It's okay. It was a fun process. I'm going to recount the steps of the job dance here over the next week or so.

The job was with an awesome brand development / social media company.

I'm going to examine my experience not getting a job in some detail. Probably too much. Here's a sneak peak:

--what is a brand development / social media company?
--developing a winning attitude (or RADitude!)
--video introduction production
--sneaky maneuvers
--shopping for interview pants
--my feelings
--shopping for second interview pants
--my feelings
--maintaining a winning attitude (RADitude!)
--the healing process
--onward, upward, everything happens for a reason, total positivity wrap-up /// joyfully embracing the next step in the jobquest with a totally positive RADitiude


Althea said...

Please tell me that RADitude is a term YOU made up and not some corporate garbage trying to relate to 'us kids these days'.

Karine and Tom said...

I began developing my integrated RADitude program in high school. As you have have guessed, it's a radical attitude. You can actually purchase one from me. It costs a million dollars. Let me know if you are interested.


Althea said...

Yes, please. Send me the proper forms to adopt this new, radical attitude. The check is in the mail.
The million dollar check.