Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jobquest 3: The Ad

On Monday, July 9th, I read a job post on Craigslist: Entry level position with small brand development / social media company in downtown Omaha. I checked the company website to make sure it was legit. It was. Very. Cool design. Great roster of clients. I think they call that a book in the business. Great book. Happy looking worker bees. I checked the ad to make sure none of the qualifications were prohibitive. (An unfortunate number of jobs in the fields of marketing, advertising, and public relations absolutely require job candidates to have degrees in marketing, public relations, or communications. Why is that? Aren't those things really boring to learn about?) Nothing in the ad about degrees.

The company seemed to be looking for someone creative, tech savvy, and cool. Advertising is an industry built on cool. Social media / brand development has a special place in this world. The deep freeze.

The company wanted three things: 1) resume, 2) salary history, 3) a 60 second video explaining why I would be a good fit for the company. These items were to be emailed to the given address.

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chris said...

does the world get to see your video?