Friday, August 27, 2010

Jobquest 4: The First Call

Whenever I find a job I want to apply for, my greatest fear is that in the very instant that I discover the opening the company bosses will be meeting in a boardroom to hire a candidate less awesome than me out of abject desperation.

The scene goes something like this:

BOSS A: "What are we going to do? This Craig fella here has a marketing degree. He's well groomed. We just hire him?"

BOSS B: (crying) "I don't know. If we could only find someone with a Polish last name who speaks fluent Spanish and plays upright bass."

BOSS A: "Come on! That's a pipe dream. Where are we going to find an ace like that? Snap out of it! (slaps BOSS B)

BOSS B: "Fine. You're right. Let's hire Craig. He'll just have to do."

I called the company. The cool guy on the phone cheerily informed me that the position was still open and they were excited to check out my video.

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