Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Growing Excitement!

Since Tom has been the main blogger lately, I thought I'd take my own chance to write about the ultrasound and the cool stuff going on with Baby Lew. When we went in for our ultrasound yesterday, we went in with the idea that I was about 32 weeks along. (There are usually 40 total weeks for those of you who weren't aware). Anyway, we've been expecting this baby to come sometime around Feb. 10 or so. The doctor originally thought my due date would be on Valentine's Day, but since getting our ultrasound yesterday, we've learned that he's coming sooner!

Since our little guy is already over 6 lbs, we will probably be meeting him sometime closer to Jan 25. This is a full 2 weeks earlier than we had planned! I'm taking this as a good sign, because if he's already over 6 lbs, I don't want him growing inside me for 8 more weeks! I'm just not prepared to deliver a 14 lb. baby!

After a visit with our regular doctor today, we were reassured that the baby looks wonderful, healthy, and I do too. I've been given the go-ahead to fly home for Christmas, and we've got plans to see a doctor in the U.S. when we get there. We're ready to be flexible with our plans, just like our baby is with his body. (Seriously, I think he might have a future in Cirque du Soliel)

Here are two self-portraits of me and my giant baby belly taken in the mirror. My maternity leave begins on Friday afternoon, after report cards are handed out.

While we're home in the states, we're grateful to our friends back here in Honduras for house-sitting and dog-sitting. We sure will miss Ruby, but we know she'll be in good hands.

Oh- and Cousin Mark is arriving within the hour! How exciting to have a visitor here- more about our fun to come...


Amanda Handegaard-Will said...

What a cute baby belly you have! Good luck with everything! It's awesome! Can't wait to see pictures, and hear what name you've picked.

Anonymous said...

So exciting! Don't worry about the weight, many times they level off. If you're eating healthfully, baby will gain what it needs to, not too much or too little. Ultrasounds can also be off by about a lb +/-, so it could be more like 5 as well. Your body was built to accommodate!
Bilingual teacher in Omaha

Kristin and Peter said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see you!

Honduras Sprout said...

You are so adorable! My doc was 10oz off in his prediction from the ultrasound 4 days before baby's birth.
Oh...the final stretch. How exciting.