Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stuff We Like: Craig Drives South

Karine discovered the blog Craig Drives South last night while doing some research on Central American tourism. Its the story of a guy who drives from Seattle, Washington to San Jose, Costa Rica in a junky Subaru. He has some pretty hilarious adventures along the way. And he writes with style. Here he is describing a character he met crossing the Nicaraguan border into Costa Rica:
"A couple customs checks later I was reduced to one faithful, non English speaking guide that had the breath of a dragon. If he was within a 6 foot radius the compost pile which was his mouth would almost asphyxiate you. I tossed him a couple cordobas for some Chiclets and he returned to duty as fresh as a daisy."
He travels into Honduras briefly, but most of the blog describes adventures which occur in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. He traveled between February 13 and April 23 of 2008. Anyone interested in visiting Central America would benefit from a gander at Craig's blog.

Craig took the picture below near Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica. Its the first place that Karine and I visited in Central America, sometime in January of 2002.

Photo: Craig, Craig Drives South

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Anonymous said...

I just read the entire blog. I think I might come visit you soon. Alone, by Subaru, and with a kayak strapped to the top of the car. I'm not joking.