Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm here too!

Hi everyone- Karine here. I just wanted to write so you all know that Tom and his mustache have not completely taken over the blog. I'm still here and I'm still pregnant. And just look what Tom did to our backyard today!

I was shocked. Our neighbor gently suggested to Tom yesterday that we trim the tree that used to brush the top of his water tank. I thought Tom would trim the tree. Instead he took his machete to the whole thing and afterward informed me that it is a weed. Apparantly, we will be investing some money in "real trees" and "real dirt" for our backyard. I'd rather spend money on onesies.

Here's a little on the pregnancy and the baby (for all you baby junkies out there)
The pregnancy- still feeling good for the most part. I've got some symptoms like leg cramps in the middle of the night and a bit of acid reflux if I eat too much. My walk has turned into a waddle- especially by the afternoons. I get that Christmas carol "O Here We Come A-Wassailing" stuck in my head a lot, only I sing "O Here I Come A-Waddling". It entertains me.

According to my pregnancy websites and books, Baby Lew is around 3.75 pounds and around 17 inches head to toe. This would explain why I feel little feet kicking under my ribs, and a big butt sticking out of the side of my belly from time to time. He seems to prefer the right hemisphere of my belly. I've also recently discovered that if I scratch my abdomen, he'll move his little arms (or at least what feel like arms). I picture him scratching back from the other side! He's an active little guy, but all the movements are reassuring. I plan to visit my doctor one more time before making the trip home for Christmas. So far, things are looking great.

I don't know if I can consider this the homestretch yet, but the thought of only 7 or 8 more weekends before we're parents makes me feel like this is coming fast! I put up a couple craft blogs that I like. I have high hopes for my time in January. My maternity leave starts at Christmas break, so I should have some serious time for crafts and sewing before this little guy arrives. Cleaning has never really been my style of nesting anyway.

Oh- and the ladies of Honduras have started asking me daily what we're going to name this little guy. We've got a few ideas of our own, and will probably keep them a secret. However, for anyone who has an opinion or suggestion- we'll take it now! No final decisions have been made yet, so there's still time. Just leave a comment...


Dad said...

I still like Gary Larry or Larry Gary the best:)

Ann said...


Laurie said...

Thanks for the mention in your sidebar. I may have to grow a mustache, too. Just kidding, I think. Names? Hmmm. One of my fav students is named Oscar, whom I call Oscarito. I love the way it rolls off my tongue, Oscarito!

Anonymous said...


Those are some of my favorite names for boys!

Anonymous said...

"Here I come a waddling"...LOL, that Christmas song with never be the same.
Bilingual teacher in Omaha

Anonymous said...

how about ezekiel?