Saturday, December 13, 2008

German Shepherds in the News

Joe Biden has always seemed to us like the type of guy you wouldn't mind running into at the hardware store. We agreed during the presidential campaign that if we had to sit down and have a cup of coffee with someone on either ticket, Joe Biden would be our guy.

Turns out that old nice guy Joe Biden is a German shepherd man. Now we know we like him. Cute kids in the White House, German shepherd at the Navel Observatory. Things are looking up already.

German shepherds are wonderful dogs. We would be happy to answer any questions on the breed based on our experience with Ruby.


Anonymous said...

I have grown up with German Shepherds and recently I had they misfortune of seeing them brutaly beaten to death and skinned alive in the dog meat market trade in China. I have read german sheps and saint bernards are prefered do to thick coats and amount of meat they have its disgusting but I make this aware to all dog lovers!

jessa maria said...

I have never seen baby pictures of Ruby! It's hard to think that she was ever a baby at all - 2nd favorite dog of all time!