Saturday, November 8, 2008


The countdown is on! I've officially entered my third trimester with this pregnancy- just 3 months to go! I'll have Tom take a few Week 27 belly pics to post for tomorrow. (I'm serious about this swimming with dolphins thing- so far, we're winning our every day in November contest!)
For me, it's been an exciting week of baby prepping. Two big thank yous go out for a couple boxes we received earlier this week. Tom's mom sent us a box filled with goodies for the family- including some adorable baby clothes for our little guy. Also, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Cabbage Patch dolls, Tom and I became adoptive parents of a little tyke named Wally Aurelio. I'll admit that it's been pretty fun to think about the fact that our real baby is almost that size! Tom has also worn his newly repaired shoes twice this week, and I've enjoyed using a new kitchen sponge holder- a pink flamingo! Thank you, Jean!

The other box that arrived came from a helpful couple in the Austin, TX area. Mark and Jen sold us our baby bedding off of, and really went the extra mile to ship it to us. After putting all of the bedding on the crib, and hanging some of the cute decorations, it's really starting to look like a nursery! Thank you Mark and Jen!

Finally, this weekend's project so far has been sewing cushions and cushion covers for our rocking chair. Unfortunately, La Ceiba does not have a Jo-Ann Fabrics or a Michaels, so searching for everything I needed required trips to several stores. For example, the store that sells fabric does not sell thread. The store that sells thread and rick-rack does not sell cushions or "esponja" (torn up pieces of foam to be used as stuffing).

I prefer to sew without a pattern. This way, I can't really get anything wrong! I just kind of measure and draw on the fabric. I cut the fabric with my handy-dandy rotary cutter (a super sharp pizza cutter-type gadget) and after stuffing some esponja inside- voila! I had a cushion!

The next task involved creating a cover for my cushion that would match our other decor. Luckily, there are 17 shades of blue and 5 shades of green in the patterns. I chose a cute blue gingham print and lime green for the accent color. I'm still debating whether to add my rick-rack as a finishing touch. I'm afraid it may look too 1960's.

I also made a cushion for the backrest, but haven't sewn the cover for that one yet. Maybe tomorrow. For now, we're using the comforter that goes with our bedding set. I think it looks great!

I'm not exacty sure what the next big project will be. I was thinking about curtains, but I think that blinds or a pull-down shade might be better. We've got one window valence right now, but it doesn't cover the whole window, so I'm going to get another one of those. Oh, the tough decisions that are facing us! Pretty rough. Well, all this nesting really gives me an appetite, so we're off to dinner with friends at Playa Taty's, our favorite sea-front restaurant in town!

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megan said...

nice job with the sewing Karine! Good thing you ended up bringing all that stuff with you!! I actually love to make baby stuff, kind of funny, because I don't really know any babies! I just got a really cute hat on etsy for milo (altheas little boy) but I don't think you guys will need any winter hats huh?? I will figure out something.