Sunday, November 30, 2008

Primary Elections in Honduras: No Booze!

Its can be difficult to determine what is illegal here in Honduras. Sometimes it seems like pretty much everything is legal. We're not sure if it is legal to drink beer while driving your car here, but we have seen plenty of people do it. I'm sure it it is legal to get completely wasted during a soccer match. But is it legal for a completely wasted guy to run into the street screaming and shooting his gun in the air after his team wins? It happens all the time.

After living here for a year, we finally discovered an alcohol law that is actually enforced. In Honduras, it is definitely illegal for restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and gas stations to sell alcohol for three days during the elections. Elections are Sunday. No wine, liquor, or beer can be sold on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

So if you are thinking about popping down to Honduras for a cold Salva Vida, you're going to have to wait until Tuesday.

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