Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Honduras vs. Mexico

It is impossible to overstate the impact of tonight's World Cup Qualifier between Honduras and Mexico on the future self-esteem of the Honduran people. Its a big game. This year's team has the best chance of qualifying in thirty years. And tonight's game will decide their fate.

The national soccer team matters here in Honduras in a way that is difficult for people in the United States to understand. Honduras is a small country with a rather heart-breaking history. But the Honduran national soccer team can compete with any nation on earth. And the Honduran people are very, very proud:

That video was shot by our friends Kimmy and Chris at friendly match between Honduras and Haiti last summer. Here's what happens when Honduras scores a goal. The things flying through the air are baleadas and beer:

We're hoping for a big win tonight. If the team triumphs, thousands of fans will drive though the streets of La Ceiba in one long conga line of cars. Ciebeños will sing, scream, shoot their guns into the air, throw food and beer at each other, and dance on top of their cars until at least four in the morning.

I am venturing out into the city to watch the game tonight. I'll take my camera along and post what I see on the blog tomorrow. PS, people really do shoot their guns in the air when we win.

Viva Honduras!!!

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