Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby's First Song

Karine's parents gave us a wonderful gift after we told them the good news. Its a device called a Bebe Sounds Prenatal Heart Listener. Every couple of days Karine drags this thing out of the closet to have a listen. We haven't heard anything yet.

The Bebe Sound also has a pair of miniature belly speakers, like a set of headphones for the womb. Last night, instead of listening to hear the baby, we decided to send him some of our favorite music to listen to. We were faced with a difficult decision. What was the baby's first song going to be?

After a short discussion we agreed that our baby's first song should be something by The Mars Volta. The Mars Volta is really the only band in pop music right now doing anything adventurous. And they rock. And we want our son to rock.

Son et Lumiere + Inertiatic esp.

If you can make it to 2:04 you will be rewarded with some of the greatest freak-out music in the history civilization.


Chris Nelson said...

perfect song! good to see baby nephew lew is doing well.


Anonymous said...

I think the baby is saying, "TURN IT OFF!" :-)

Anonymous said...

You may be exactly right there anonymous. Baby Lew was kicking like crazy during the song. There's really no way to find out if he was kicking in elation or horror until he's born. Then we'll just ask him.

Anonymous said...

He might not be able to hear you! He needs ear plugs right now!!!