Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from Honduras

Happy Thanksgiving! Karine and I would like to wish everyone back home a safe, happy, and delicious Thanksgiving. We are going to be having a traditional turkey dinner later today with some friends here in La Ceiba. Karine is working on the green been casserole in the kitchen right now. A marshmallow, sour cream, coconut, fruit cocktail, and maraschino cherry concoction is setting in the fridge.

Let's pretend we're all at the table having dinner together and everyone has to say one thing that they are thankful for. And remember: just because you say you are thankful for a particular thing, that doesn't mean that you aren't thankful for other things.

--Round One--
Karine: Family
Tom: The Río Cangrejal

--Round Two--
Karine: Our health
Tom: Beck's album, Sea Change

--Round Three--
Karine: Oppurtunities I've been given in my life
Tom: Family vacations in Minnesota, past and future

Feel free to play along on the comments page!

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Chris said...

Yum 5cup salad!