Monday, November 17, 2008

From the waiting room...

Some reader thought that Karine and Tom's last couple of entries were too abstract. So they decided to blog from the waiting room at the hospital in La Ceiba. They are going to use lots of words.

You may notice that Karine is holding a number two in the picture below. That is because she is second in line to see the doctor. That's how they roll down there. Just like in the returns line at Target. Take a number and wait your turn. Unless you are bleeding, then they let you in right away.

Karine is smiling in this picture because Tom just reminded her that they have not invited reader participation in judging the success or failure of their blog everyday contest. And that they can go swimming with dolphins no matter what. No one can stop them from swimming with the dolphins, if that is what they choose to do.

Tom is smiling because Karine has just congratulated him on taking some pretty sweet pictures of their backyard water garden. And Tom feels pretty good about that.

And yes, someone wrote this thing in third person. What?

***Update*** The doctor was poking and squeezing Karine's stomach and determined that the baby has turned into the head-down position. This is great!

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