Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Everybody Loves Vampires

We finally made out to the movies here in Honduras. At any given time there are four movies showing in La Ceiba's two theaters. Right now all four movies are good. Twilight, Valkarie, Tropic Thunder, and Marley & Me. I'd be happy to see all of these. But with Karine's ants-in-the-pants syndrome we rarely go see movies at the theater.

After some pleading I convinced Karine that we should see Twilight at the mall. She read all the books. I read the first one. The spanish translation of the title is Crep├║sculo. I thought the movie was going to be Craptaculo, but it was really quite good. We liked the haircuts that all the vampires had and we liked their outfits. We especially liked the emo soundtrack.

The best part of the movie for us was the audience participation. The romanic climax of the movie is where Bella and Edward kiss for the first time. Their lips slowly move toward each other. Edward warns Bella not to move. It was pretty exciting for us. We didn't know if Edward, who is a vampire, was going to freak out and bite Bella's face off, or what. As their lips come together, some guy in the back of the theater cries out. His timing is perfect. "GOOOAL!!!!!" The whole audience burst into laughter.

Say what you want about theater etiquette. I know shouting at the screen is generally frowned upon in the states. But Karine and I had a richer, more memorable experince because of the guy in the back of the theater. Thank you unknown Honduran jokester!

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