Friday, January 30, 2009

Rejected Baby Names: Bob Marley Lewandowski

The world loves Bob Marley. As well it should. Bob gave to the world sweet music, positive vibrations, and an earnest affirmation that everything is going to be alright. And the world has been thanking him for it ever since. Maybe some of that well deserved good will would flow to our son if he were Bob Marley's namesake. The doors to his awesome life would surely be blown off their hinges if we name our son Bob Marley.

The name is a slam dunk except for the dreadlock factor. We do not want to in any way communicate to our son that it would be appropriate for him to grow dreadlocks. We might be sending mixed messages by naming him Bob Marley.

You can carry the message of Bob's perfect love in your heart, you can wear it on your t-shirt, but you can't wear it as your hairstyle. Not if your last name is Lewandowski. Dreadlocks are an entirely unacceptable hairstyle for people of eastern European descent. Lotta options out there for our son. Dreadlocks not one of them.

We will not be able to name our son Israel Vibration Lewandowski for the same reason.

Karine informed me that our son may not even like reggae. Yeah, right.

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