Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweet Deal

Tom took a bike ride up the river this morning and came back with a banana tree in his backpack. The great thing about living next to a rainforest is that there are millions of plants to take clippings of. Tom just wanted to give this one a new home in our front porch.

While he was re-potting, a kid around 10 years old came down the street selling cotton candy. People often walk down our street selling stuff: bananas, window screens, brooms, hammocks, fish, ice cream, and occasionally cotton candy. The boy saw Tom working out front, and this was the conversation (translated from Spanish) that I overheard from inside the house:

Cotton Candy Kid: Hey- buy some cotton candy from me.
Tom: No, Thanks.
CC Kid: Come on! Buy some. 10 Lempira (roughly 50 cents).
Tom: No, Thanks.
CC Kid: Why?
Tom: It's a little early in the morning for cotton candy.
CC Kid: You don't have to eat it now. You can save it for later.
Tom: (pauses, considering the kid's logic) Okay.
(Hands over 10 Lempira and takes his pink cotton candy).

Here's a picture of Tom, his new banana tree, and our faithful dog, Ruby.


Guifarro Family said...

This is so funny! I think Ruby has its eye on the sweets!

Laurie said...

I once purchased a toilet brush in Comayagua from a travelling salesman. How did he know I needed one. It's fun to see what comes down the road sometimes.

Will B said...

You know this kid is going to make a stop at your place every time he has something to sell. You're easy, man!