Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Awesome Hair -- Awesome Brain: Malcolm Gladwell

This guy is not a genius. But he does write interesting books. His books have made millions of people feel smarter. I recommend them. But I have come to the conclusion after reading all of his books, that a lot of what he writes about is sort of repackaged, slickly marketed common sense. Common sense fortified with science. Blink is my favorite. The Tipping Point is okay and Outliers, his newest, is sort of a dud.

Malcolm Gladwell's brain is less awesome than the brains of Kurt Vonnegut, Geddy Lee, Stephen Pinker, and Tim Burners-Lee. But his hair is undeniably awesome.

You can hire Mr. Gladwell to come and perform at your kid's birthday party or whatever. He costs about $40,000.00. No doubt the kids will learn a lot.

Do not confuse Mr. Gladwell with this man.

This man is Cedric Bixler-Zavala. And he is a genius. He wrote Son et Lumiere + Inertiatic esp.

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Anonymous said...

Tom, you like the hair because you are jealous. There are some people with little hair who are genius material.

Low Mom Lew