Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Name Rejects: Obama Lewandowski

Baby names are trending toward Irish surnames in a big way. It all started with Connor. Connor used to be a last name, usually the last name of somebody named Tim or Meghan. Now every kindergarden class has a Connor or two. Its the twentieth most popular name for little boys born in 2008.

So now the floodgates are open. McGregor, McGill, McDuff, McFadden, McDuck. Any and all available Irish surnames are now fair game. Thousands of people who are not Irish are giving their children Irish last names as first names. It is a trend without limits. Where will it go next?

We thought maybe Africa. African surnames are lyrically beautiful. Breathtaking, some of them. Obama certainly has a certain shine right now. Obama Lewandowski. Other African surname candidates: Achebe Lewandowski, Ngugi Lewandowski, Mandela Lewandowski.

If we had a less flavorful last name these African surnames would work just fine. They'd be serious contenders. But Lewandowski is a mouthful by itself. So we are officially disqualifing all African surnames.


megan said...

How about Finnish last names?? Here let me give you some: Jokiikkokko Lewandowski, Aarnos Lewandowski, Leskinen Lewandowski, Oranen Lewandowski...I think all of those are just great and SO MUCH easier to pronounce than the African ones!

Anonymous said...

only a stranger passing to read your amazing stories of anne...but i thought i would put a bid in for 'finnegan'...finn for short...like the 'fins' anne used for swimming...or andrew...raggedy anne and andy ;)
in all seriousness, i was touched by your address on monday...you speak so eloquently of a woman who i had the pleasure of training with at csb. a loss not only to your family, but to the world...she touched so many and through your stories to your son, will touch many more. God bless your family and your soon to be born son.