Friday, January 9, 2009

On Being a "Stay at Home"

Today was my first real day of staying at home while Tom went to work. I'm officially on maternity leave, though Baby Lew isn't expected for a couple more weeks. It was awesome! I really think I'm going to like being a stay-at-home. (I can't quite claim to be a stay-at-home-mom yet).

I started out with a couple cups of decaf coffee on the front porch, while the neighborhood loose dogs came by to visit Ruby at the gate. The neighborhood loose dogs are loose in the sense that they're not tied up. I'm not saying anything about their promiscuity, though I am glad that Ruby has been fixed. After that, I discovered that Facebook has some fun features like chatting! I chatted with a couple of high school friends and also with a couple La Ceiba friends.

Our maid arrived to do some cleaning around 11. We chatted about the holidays and our families for awhile. Since we were out of laundry soap, I strolled down the street to buy a 2 serving bag of soap so she could do laundry. After reading a few more blogs and sitting out on the porch again for awhile, I was ready for Tom to come home from his long day at the office.
Tom rolled in around 2 on his fancy wheels- his Schwinn mountain bike- and we caught up on the day's happenings at school. I wanted to hear about all I had missed!

I definitely think that I'm going to need some projects to get me through the next few weeks. Although playing on the internet was fun today for a few hours, I don't want to do that every day. I've got a few sewing projects and cooking ideas. I also need to pack a bag for the hospital at some point. That should keep me busy for a little while. Tom suggested I take up the hobby of pickling and canning. Hmmm... I'm open to other suggestions.


Amanda Tippy said...

Oh how desperately I miss staying home now that we are both in school.. I'm going nuts! Picked up a second - slightly larger mini-fridge today at USA, and as far as project ideas... you can take me to the stores and markets and show me how to grocery shop for a reasonable price and reasonable taste! Trying to meet our neighbors this week... let's set up a time!

Anonymous said...

Karine I remember somebody told me to relax and rest during the last few weeks of my pregnancy while I desperately wanted to go into labor and meet out baby. (I walked miles a day after week 39 trying to get labor going and to stay going) I didn't think so at the time but it was good advice. Rest NOW and get all of those projects done NOW. Also, don't refuse offers of help! It is so tricky to clean or walk the dog while having a glorious newborn. Enjoy and hope that you and Tom and baby are well! love, becky/spanish