Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year was Zeke's first "real" Halloween! Last year in Honduras, he was sick and we didn't leave the house. So, this year he got to dress up and even have a couple pieces of candy!

Here we are as a family of 3 standing outside of Brookestone Meadows, the super-nice rehabilitation facility that Grandma Jean is staying at for a few days while she practices walking with her new hip. I look like the Great Pumpkin. A few people asked me if "it" was "real"- my giant belly. I assured them it was. I hope to never wear a costume this large again in my life!
Here is a much cuter picture of my guys on Halloween. Zeke dressed up as a train conductor. His favorite phrase was "Choo-choo!" He also calls out "All Aboard!" in a super high voice every once in awhile. Thank you PBS hit series Dinosaur Train for teaching us all about conductors!

In addition to having a fun time visiting Grandma Jean, Brookestone Meadows had a special trick or treat party for families of patients and staff members. It was so fun to see all the other kids dressed up and walk door to door with Zeke!

Zeke loves suckers. Here he is enjoying his first Halloween candy.

Here he is going to get more candy from someone else! Trick or Treat!

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Cecelia said...

Love your "pumpkin," Karine. You guys all look so, so cute. Definitely in the running for cutest family ever. Love Z's engineer. Classic! Eagerly awaiting baby news.... and thinking of you often!