Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank You

We are truly blessed to have a loving family and such wonderful and supportive friends. Thank you all for your best wishes, prayers, and happy thoughts. Karine is resting. I am just blissed-out in general. I think my blood pressure has been a touch high for the past three weeks. I'm sure things will calm down now that the twins are on the outside. Right? That's how it works, right? The hard part is over and now everything is super chill. That's the plan. Karine is going to write about her experience sometime soon, for now I just want to say thank you. Thank you, everyone. Our doctor did everything perfectly. All of the nurses here love what they do and they truly do their jobs with love in their hearts. Karine is my hero. We'll post more pictures of Ezra and Zadie soon. Here I just want to post one picture of Karine. It says it all. I took it about one minute after the twins were born.


Althea said...

I know that face. Pain, relief and joy all smashed together.
Sending you guys hugs and naps from IL.

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Such a happy time! Yes, sometimes there is a calm for awhile after they are born cause they sleep pretty much all the time. :) So catch some sleep when you can. Hope they are not "stay awake all night" babies. It's pretty sad when you lay down to go to sleep at 5 in the morning and then have a toddler to take care of! Take care!

Kristin and Peter said...