Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ezra and Zadie: Pioneer Chic

Karine has been bugging me to release this somewhat embarrassing little nugget to the general public. Here it is:

I generally mispronounce the word chic. I pronounce it like you would the word for a small chicken. Whatever. I don't think it's a sign of illiteracy or poor breeding or anything. It's a pretty silly word to begin with. French.

I spend a lot of time describing objects for my new job. Like this bar stool, here. I wrote the description. I try to reduce an object to its essential essence. And then name that essence in celebration so that someone somewhere might want to buy it. I did this with some ping-pong balls last week.

When we were in the hospital with the twins, someone asked, as we knew they would, how we came up with the names Ezra and Zadie. I boiled the names down to their essential essence right quick. They're pioneer chic, I said. Except I mispronounced chic.

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