Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daytime fun at home

Over the past 9 days, I've cherished every moment of being a mother. I love it! I'm enchanted with our son and can't get enough of him. Newborn babies don't really do a lot more than eat, sleep, and poop, but there are a few special things I've learned about our little Ezekiel.

He's a voracious eater. He'll nurse for an hour at a time and then sleep it off for the next 3-4 hours. Over the past three nights, he woke up only one time in the middle of the night. I'll feed him for an hour or so, and then he drifts back to sleep until 6am. It's wonderful! And the midnight feeding is such a special time for the two of us- I just love him, and I get the feeling he thinks I'm pretty special too. (Or at least my chest is!)

Zeke's arms are always on the move. When he was in the womb, I always told Tom that I could feel his little arms and hands reaching, poking, and tickling me. Tom caught Zeke trying to tear his tiny ear off the other night. He is incredibly strong, so we're going to have to keep an eye on that. We can't have him ripping off any major body parts just yet.

He also gets the hiccups often. It seemed like he constantly had them when he was in the womb, and now that he's out, it's no different. Luckily, they don't seem to bother him too much, and I can usually nurse them away.

I think we're going to have a big boy on our hands. Our little guy has long slender fingers and toes and the cutest skinny legs. I'm hoping they're not skinny for too long. He's already managed to put on a second chin, so we're going to keep plumping him up.

We spend our days quietly at home. I work on little projects while Zeke sleeps. Ruby is behaving like a champ around him. Not so curious anymore- just aware and gentle. Of course, safety is our number one concern and we watch her like a hawk when she's in the same room as Ezekiel. When we were in the states over Christmas, we bought Ruby a couple of "big doggy sister" toys for after Ezekiel was born. Today, Ruby is chilling on the front porch with her new Kong Wubba.

I continue to feel well. I had my stitches removed yesterday, and am recovering pretty easily. I suppose the restful nights of sleep have helped a lot. It's still a bit difficult to get up from a reclining position in some chairs, but mostly, I'm feeling great!

So that's about it. Enjoy the pictures, and don't worry about that plastic clip on Zeke's belly button. The nurses didn't forget to take it off- that's just how it's done here. I've been assured that it will fall off in time and his belly button will look totally normal.


Ann said...

I'm overjoyed. I'm all smiles that Ezekiel is doing so well and that you are too, Karine. Last night after posting the comment harassing Tom for more new baby info, I dreamt that I got to hold Zeke and keep him bundled. Who'd a thought? :)
This is fantastic - thank you. I'll be okay if Tom wants to post an Awesome Hair Awesome brain entry now.
But then another baby one will be good.
So much love to all of you -

Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying reading your posts! Enjoy that wonderful sleeping schedule. You are very lucky that he is such a good night sleeper! He is adorable. Emilio is looking forward to playing with Ezekiel on your next visit.


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

What a great sleeper! You are blessed. That was not the case for my daughter, I was a zombie for months! LOL Lots of arm he preparing to be drummer already?

Kmk said...

Karine - I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying little Zeke! Motherhood looks good on you. You're a natural!
Have fun and take lots of pictures ;o)

Karine said...

Just a quick update- Zeke's little belly button plastic clip fell off last night when I picked him up. Kind of gross- but a relief that it's gone. The belly button left behind looks pretty normal- so you can all breathe easier! :)

Kristin and Peter said...

I'm glad to hear everything is going so well. I love to hear the stories and see the pictures. Keep them coming!