Sunday, February 1, 2009

Classical Music for Everyone

Baby Einstein made a zillion dollars convincing people that classical music can turn babies into geniuses. I don't know about that. Maybe listing to Mozart will make you as smart as Mozart. I wouldn't wish Mozart's life on anyone, though. He was one unhappy dude.

The idea that art is desirable and worthwhile because it does something, in this case, because it makes babies smarter, seems a little silly to me. Its like buying a Picasso to match your drapes. Music is important because it moves us; it makes us feel more connected, emotionally and spiritually. Classical music is an important part of any well-balanced diet of cultural goodies. For babies, adults, plants, everybody.

I think a lot of people feel a little disconnected from classical music. They don't have a context to evaluate what is good or bad, what is worth knowing, etc. So I have decided to start a new series: Classical Music for Everyone. I have decided to start this series precisely because I am not an expert. I am a lover of classical music, an enjoyer. As my mother would say, I have just enough knowledge of classical music to be dangerous.

I'll start with Beethoven.

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Will B said...

I realize you are a little busy now, but I am looking forward to your Classical Music Series. I love classical music. It can be so dramatic and nervous yet so gentle and smoothing. I look forward to your posts. I am no way am an expert and I don't really know that many composers. However, I definitely enjoy feeling the music. Take Care!