Saturday, February 28, 2009

Relay for Life Honduras

Last evening, our family participated in the Relay for Life here in La Ceiba. The US version of this event is a an all night walk-a-thon sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The La Ceiba version was a bit shorter. We were joined by about 15oo other adults and students from all over La Ceiba for a march down the street along the coast. In honor of Anne, we wore our Notch Your Average Cancer Fighters t-shirts. Ezekiel didn't have his own, but we dressed him in light blue so he could look like part of the team. He did a wonderful job in his stroller, and we enjoyed the beautiful evening walk for a good cause.

On April 19, the Colon Cancer Coalition will be sponsoring a "Get Your Rear In Gear" 5K walk/run in the Twin Cities. This year's children's race is dedicated to Anne. Anyone interested in learning more about this race (or a second race in the Chicago area) can visit the Notch Your Average Cancer Fighters team website . There will also be cool new shirts this year!

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Ann said...

I love it. I just called Vegas approximately 30 minutes ago saying that I thought we should participate again this year. She whole-heartedly agreed and was already planning on it.
Then I check your blog and here you are wearing the t-shirts and you even included a link for us to get all signed up.
Thanks for, you know, reading our minds and stuff.