Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Sponge Bath: two poops, two pees, and two outfits

Karine gave Zeke his first sponge bath this morning. He showed Karine how much he enjoyed it by peeing on her. Then he pooped in his brand new diaper. When Karine was changing that he peed on his new outfit. She put him in a cute little train outfit and he pooped all over that. I guess this probably gets old after a while. But we don't have anything else to do today. We're having a great time.


Laura said...

Joe and I have been reading your blog everyday in hopes of hearing a fun story about little Zeke. I don't think we have officially sent our Congratulations, so we want to make sure to congratulate you now! Zeke is such a cutie, we can't wait to meet him! Hope you all are doing well!

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Watch out for the projectile poo. That can take you by surprise!

Honduras Sprout said...

Yes, breast fed babies will shoot poo on you when you least expect it. Usually right after you give them a wipe down. I've been sprayed twice now. In the middle of the night when I really didn't want to wash up.

The pooing, peeing and changing of the clothes will lighten up. But it sure is fun going through all those new baby clothes.

He is sooo cute. And his name just makes him even more cute. I think I want another boy...Did I just say that?!????

Anonymous said...

all that poop and pee is a very good sign! good job mama karine with your feeding him. all parts are evidently working well. it is amazing though how much laundry you go through in the first month with all of that. love, becky