Friday, February 13, 2009


An eighty story rotating scycraper is going to be built in Dubai. Its called the Fisher Dynamic Tower and it is the future. Once again, the future will be located in Dubai. What is up with Dubai getting all the cool stuff? First, it was indoor skiing. Then, the world's most magnificent hotel, the Sail. Next, the Burj Dubai, soon to be the world's tallest building.

Now, they're going to build this. Every floor rotates 360 degrees independent of all the other floors. Some floors will rotate by voice command. And the building will generate its own power. Apartments for $3 million to $30 million.

I propose that some of the $800 billion dollar stimulus package being debated in congress right now be allocated to fund the construction of a similar rotating skyscraper Omaha, Nebraska. Because I am sick of all the new awesome stuff in the world being built in Dubai.

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