Sunday, May 24, 2009

Carnival 2009

We have survived Carnival 2009! The party on our street lasted until about 4am on Thursday, and by 6am, the streets were being swept up and everyone was gone by 8am. (Thankfully, we did not have school on Friday!)
On Saturday, we went to our friends' house to watch the big parade in the afternoon. Our friends have an apartment with balconies overlooking San Isidro- the main street in town and also the name of our patron saint. We enjoyed watching the bands, dancers, and floats from above.

Our friend, Julie, was the dancing cowgirl in the back of the Sula Milk float.

People were throwing beads off the balconies across the street and it had a Mardi Gras feel.
Today, we're just resting up and taking it easy. Zeke is completely Carnivaled out.

Tom is making shrimp gumbo tonight. Food plays a pretty big role in our lives down here since we have to get creative and make everything pretty much from scratch. It's lots of fun though, and has provided us with many nights of entertainment and yummy dinners too! We're toying with the idea of creating an illustrated cookbook of our favorite recipes. Would anyone be interested in seeing this?


Sharon said...

Definitely!! You are both great cooks and willing to use more than 4 ingredients.

my name is Amanda said...

Ooh ooh! Right here! *Totally* interested in a K&T Illustrated Cookbook!