Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Psychologists, Creativity, and Living Abroad

As I've said before, if you really want to figure out what is going on, consult a psychologist. They use science to get to the heart of any matter. Well, they've done it again.

A couple of psychologists have proven that people who live and work abroad are more creative that those who stay at home. They used science to figure this out. By science I mean a candle, some matches, and a box of drawing pins.

It was in the Economist, so its got to be true.

Warning to those who would take a short-cut on the path to creativity:
"Merely traveling abroad, however, was not enough. You do have to live there. Packing your beach towel and suntan lotion will not, by itself, make you Hemingway."
We used our hard-earned creativity to decipher this cryptic stick figure drawing hung above a toilet in Tela, Honduras. It means don't throw your poop in the toilet.


Bonnie said...

That reminds me of this gem of a sign, found at the public toilets at Angkor Wat archaeological complex in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

That sign has nothing to do with poop! In Honduras you shouldn't throw the toilet paper into the toilet, as it clogs the system.

Karine and Tom said...

That makes much more sense. Thank you.