Friday, May 15, 2009


At some point in the last week, a nasty little cold germ made its way into our home. 2/3 of the Lewandowskis are sick with it right now. My boys are in bed early tonight because they don't feel well! I thought it was especially sweet the way they both lay in bed together sneezing and sniffling. (Well, Zeke's not sniffling too much yet- he doesn't quite get it and requires a little help from the nose-sucker). I hope my guys are feeling better soon!

Despite sneezing and congestion fits, Ezekiel has actually been pretty cute. Here's a little video of him talking to me and telling me all about his woes.


my name is Amanda said...

Heehee - Interrupted by rumblings from sick dad, who has a book as large as his son. I like how Zeke smiled after you differentiated which ones were vowels. So cute! He'll be speaking "adult" in no time.

Anonymous said...

Hope the boys are feeling better soon!