Monday, May 18, 2009

La Ceiba to Olanchito by Bicycle Postponed

A bicycle ride of heroic proportions was canceled yesterday due to concern over inclement weather and an acute but fortunately short-lived medical catastrophe in my nostrils. The nasal horrors commenced last Friday morning. I muddled through work, but it was a real snotfest. The Spanish word for sneeze is estornudar. That's a fun one. I did it approximately fifty-seven times on Friday. Then I went home and slept for fifteen hours.

I felt better on Saturday, with both nostrils functioning at about 70% capacity. Still, Karine decided to ground me from my bicycle for the weekend. You can see La Ceiba and Olanchito on the map below. In between lies the gloriously rain-forested, mostly unexplored Sierra de Nombre de Dios mountain range.

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The trip has been rescheduled until after Carnival.


Anonymous said...

Are you planning to bike the direct route over the mountains or the long way around on the hi-way?

Ron Sparkman

Karine and Tom said...

The plan is over the mountains. I've made is as far as El Naranjo before, but that's a long way from Olanchito. I've heard that the ride can be done in six hours. I've also heard that the ride will take more like 15 hours and we are idiots for trying.