Friday, May 8, 2009

Stuff From This Week

This week was crazy busy! After frantically preparing photos and documents after school on Monday and Tuesday, we enjoyed a quick trip to Honduras's capital city, Tegucigalpa. We left at 5am and were home by 10:15pm. We flew both ways, as to avoid a 7 hour each way bus ride.

While in the airports, we were screened for pork flu and we witnessed several people wearing masks. We do not have pork flu. We did encounter something even more exciting than pork flu in the San Pedro Sula airport though. During our 2 hour layover, we wanted to take Zeke for a spin, but we hadn't brought the stroller. Luckily, the waiting area was equipped with several wheelchairs- just the right size to take Zeke around!

This was the only picture of Ezekiel we were able to take on our visit to Tegucigalpa. The Embassy took our camera as we entered- they don't allow pictures. I had dreams of taking a picture of Zeke between the American flag and the Honduran flag on his first day as a dual citizen, but my dreams were crushed. Oh well. We all know that he is an American now. He's got a passport on the way to prove it!

Thursday and Friday were a blur as we got back to school and Tom prepared for a big night at school with the Mother's Day program and Book Fair in the library. Tom was accompanied by his pop band and 25 7th grade dancers as he sang a sweet version of "You Are My Sunshine" to the crowd of students, teachers, and families. Tom's number one accessory tonight was his son. He held Zeke and sweetly explained to the audience that Zeke had written the words to this version, but being only 3 months old had asked Tom to sing it for him. They all did a fantastic job. Of course I forgot the camera at home! Que triste!

To make up for the lack of documentation of our week, I'm posting a cute video from this week. Ezekiel has discovered his hands and realized that his entire fist can fit in his mouth. It's pretty darn cute!

Happy Weekend!


Lindsey said...

Yeah I am so glad everything worked out at Teg. Hooray for American citizenship!

Grandma Sharon said...

I'm thankful and blessed Zeke has become a US citizen. Congrats to all of you. The entertainment at school and home seems to be ongoing. Living life to the fullest.... Love Mom

Honduras Sprout said...

Probably a smart move to go to Tegus instead of dealing with the consulate in SPS. Ugh! I live in SPS and think it was easier going to Tegus.
Zeke is so cute!