Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ezekiel's PJs

The only time you'll catch our Honduran baby wearing long sleeves and long pants here is at night. Even this time of year, when daytime temps feel to be around 100 degrees, he sleeps in long pjs at night. We keep the bedrooms air-conditioned this time of year so that we can sleep comfortably. Zeke loves to kick his covers off (he just discovered how hingey his hips can be).

Here's a picture of our cute little guy tonight just before bedtime. These pajamas are hand me downs courtesy of his big cousins Sam and Christopher. Zeke is so good when bedtime rolls around. I just put him in the crib, say goodnight to him, put his special blanket on him, and within about 5 minutes he is fast asleep. I can only hope this lasts.


Anonymous said...

What a cute little baby! Joani

Anonymous said...

You have no idea HOW lucky you are that you have a baby that sleeps! That is my only complaint about motherhood: we have a baby that fights sleep with all his might. That means no sleep for anybody.